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Draft GameDay - Streets of New Capenna cut to top 8 Mystery Booster Draft - 14th MAY / Saturday / 11AM

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Welcome to Three Kings Loot inc Draft Streets of New Capenna Game Day. Who will be crowned as The Draft King? We propose 3 rounds of Streets of New Capenna Draft no cross pod, then cut to top 8 for a 3 round Mystery Booster Draft. Let Chaos determine a winner. Cost is 20$ tax and fun included. Saturday, May 14th at 11AM All Participants will get a Power Word Kill Game Day Promo.

The top 8 will each receive a Skyclave Apparition Game Day Promo. First Place will get the All-Seeing Arbiter Game Day Promo, and 20$ Store Credit. Do you have what it takes to be the Draft King? For more information on promos here https://wpn.wizards.com/en/article/streets-new-capenna-game-day-tips-promo-reveals

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