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Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

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There are twelve locations in which Tom-Tom must venture through, including (but not limited to): the city of Wonder Land, Valley of Peace, The Coastal Town of Baraboro, The Mam Desert, and Pororo Islands. During his journey, he must defeat monsters with the sword that he got at the beginning of his adventure. These monsters will leave either gold coins or bags of cash, which he can use to buy better weapons, shields, armors, and boots. At the end of each location, there is usually a boss that Tom-Tom must defeat in order to obtain a gold key that will unlock the exit gate, as well as plenty of gold coins or bags of cash. If he touches any enemies, or is shot at, he will lose health. During his travels, Tom-Tom must take note of the hourglass, if the hourglass display sands at the bottom, he must get another one that appears out of nowhere, or he'll also lose health. There are two ways in which he can restore it. He can either go into bars to have a drink that will restore it and get a hint about what lies ahead as well, or go into hospitals and heal himself to restore the lost health.

Extra Info

Box Text:
Region: North America
ItemNo: 7007
Genre: Platformer
Developer: West One
Title: Wonder Boy in Monster Land
Release Data:
Platform: Sega Master System
Rating: None
Release Date: 1988

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