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Double Masters MTG

 Wizards of the Coast just announced Double Masters set in August Double Masters is a new twist on the whole Masters series sets. This set doubles everything as the name implies! Two rares or mythic and two foils per pack and two non-foil Box-topper per Box. You even get two Draft first-pick per pack. Three ..[]

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Frosthaven Preparations: Gearing Up For Gloomha...

Frosthaven Characters Display, Left to Right: Drifter, Blinkblade, Necromancer, Bannerspear, Deathwalker, Geminate

Here at Three Kings Loot, we are so, so excited about Frosthaven. On May 1st, 2020, the game finished its incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, with the 3rd highest funding total in all of Kickstarter’s history. After 31 days it managed to acquire $12,969,162 USD from 83,188 unique backers – during a worldwide global health crisis ..[]

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