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Trading Up [ MTG trading ]

Bazaar Trader

Trading Up [ MTG trading ] by Bruce Gray – Casual Encounters If you are anything like me, you have entirely too many cards.  You likely don’t intend on having that many cards and limit your purchasing to those cards you do want.  But, every time you draft, play Sealed, get handed a random pack, or receive one ..[]

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Modern Masters 2015 Edition

Modern Masters 2015 artwork

  Announcing Modern Masters 2015 Edition Wizard announced it’s next installment of Modern Masters 2015 to be released May 22, 2015. The set will take players back to some of the more remarkable Magic the Gathering planes such as Zendikar, Mirrodin, Ravnica, Lorwyn, Kamigawa and Alara. A number of the cards will have new artwork and every ..[]

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