Tyrants of the Underdark - D&D Board Game

Posted on 12/24/15

Gale Force Nine announces a new board game by the creators of Lords of Waterdeep. It is a 2-4 players game based in the Underdark of Forgotten Realms. In this game each of you control a Drow house, so as a bad guy, you are trying to manipulate, dominate and assassinate each other. Scheduled to be released April 30, 2016. Pre-orders are available so make sure to reserve your copy or you may be too late on release date. 

Pokemon BREAKpoint

Posted on 12/23/15

Pre-order sealed product ships on February 3rd

Pokemon BREAKpoint Prerelease in-store will be held on January 31st 2016. Pre-register online, in-store or day-of tournament. Limited amount of space.

Oath of the Gatewatch

Posted on 12/15/15

OGW spoilers have started and we are covering it on the Bag of Loot.

Sealed products pre-orders have begun so take advantage of our lowest prices in town for a limited time.

We will raise our prices accordingly as quantities drop, first come first serve!

Khans of Tarkir Sept 26th release!

Posted on 09/07/14

Khans of Tarkir singles available for preorders. Ships out 26th September!

Spoilers and artwork gallery updated daily on the Bag of Loot.

All Conspiracy singles have been revealed!

Posted on 06/02/14

We've added all Conspiracy spoilers to The Bag of Loot.

Get your singles here from 3KL, product release on June 6th 2014.

All Born of the Gods singles available!

Posted on 01/27/14

All the cards from BNG have been previewed and commented on with more info on the Battle of the Horde events.

They are now all available for preorders to be shipped on February 7th!

Feeds from The Bag of Loot

Posted on 11/22/13

We've added to our front page an articles feed from our blog:

 Stay tuned for some more updates to our blog in the next couple months.

Thanks to everyone for your support, you're helping us grow!

Commander 2013 ships Nov. 1st

Posted on 10/19/13

Commander 2013 previews are up with full spoiler list on our blog the Bag of loot

Singles are available for pre-orders here.

Theros singles Available!

Posted on 09/29/13

All Theros singles are available here!

Theros preview on 3KL blog!

Posted on 09/09/13

Check out the Theros spoilers on

Theros Pre-orders available here.

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