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Final Girl: Series 2!

Final Girl: Series 2 is an expansion on the wildly successful solo game Final Girl! Step into the shoes of a Final Girl and face off against a monster inspired from famous horror films. Series 1 included horror ‘Feature Films’, or scenarios, such as: The Happy Trails Horror (Friday The 13th), The Haunting of Creech ..[]

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Scrapyard Treasures | Those Damn Kids | Season ...

Those Damn Kids

Welcome back to Those Damn Kids! This week, the crew heads to visit Mr. McPherson to learn more about the Loop, find some interesting equipment, and Baxter learns a new skill… CAST – GM: Tyson Fraleigh Baxter Raydon: Adam Honigman Jennifer Williams: Liz Nyveen Kathleen ‘Kit’ Kerrington: Gracyn Roach Olivier Webber: Alexander Cruz Get all ..[]

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Root: The Marauder Expansion!

Root: The Marauder Expansion is a upcoming set expansion for the classic strategy game Root! Take on two new factions to conquer the Woodland either through destruction or relic hunting! The Marauder Expansion introduces two powerful new factions into the battle for the Woodlands – The Lord of Hundreds and The Keepers in Iron. The ..[]

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