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Our buylist is our list of cards we will buy from you, we have set prices and if you have the card we list then you can sell it to us! Just browse the Buylist categories to the left and find your card, then hit sell - it's that easy.


Card Selling Process

Selling your cards to Three Kings Loot is simple and hassle free.  Look through our buylist and add the cards you want to sell us to your cart from the cards we are looking for and submit your list to us.  We will quickly review your sales list and send you an approval email.  Once you receive that email we expect to receive your cards within 7 business days.  We will need to check your cards when they arrive to ensure that the cards are in NM-Mint condition, but once we accept your cards your payout will be issued.  You can receive the cash value as a PayPal payment or if you prefer we offer a 25% bonus in trade value which will appear as credits on your account.

If cards arrive in condition less than expected there will be a penalty to the payment but we will most likely still purchase the lot, but if you correspond with us about the condition we can arrange a fair value and you will not be penalized.  We will never process a penalty before emailing you about the discrepancy and allowing you the opportunity to decline the transaction.  Any costs to return the cards will be the responsibility of the seller.

You may direct any questions you have to and we will gladly answer anything you need to know.

Just because you don't see you cards on the list doesn't mean we aren't buying so feel free to ask.  For MtG, we buy bulk mythic rares for $0.10, rares for $0.05 and uncommon/common at 8 for $0.01.  We also buy bulk foils - mythic rares for $0.25, rares for $0.10, basic lands for $0.05 or uncommons/commons for $0.03.  We are also interested in many foreign versions of cards so let us know what you`re looking to sell. As for Pokemon, we buy bulk rares for $0.03 each and uncommons/commons for $0.01. We are also buying bulk foil rares for $0.05 and commons/uncommons for $0.03.


Please ship your cards to:

Three Kings Loot

1118 Sainte-Catherine Ouest #204

Montreal, Quebec

H3B 1H5    Canada


All shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller.  Please make sure that you protect the cards well as we cannot be responsible for any damage during shipping.

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