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The Montreal store's location is

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1118 Rue Sainte-Caterine Ouest #204

Montreal, Quebec

H3B 1H5


Store phone number: (438) 386-3638


Three Kings Loot started as a small time operation by Greg and Eric built around the premise that we could sell and trade the excess cards from our collection to continue to get the cards that we needed to build our decks for standard and legacy.  It has rapidly exploded into the website that you are viewing.


   Starting off on eBay slowly one thing led to another and before we knew it we were selling our stock regularly, much to our amazement.  The success we achieved on eBay led us to believe that we could take our idea to the next level.  Working hard to constantly restock our supply of cards to have a readily available inventory for our customers has always been our key goal.  It was the realization that our inventory was at the level that it could rival other stores that we decided to take the step and begin our own web site.


   Three Kings Loot is a labour of love.  What started off as a secondary occupation is rapidly becoming on par with both of our day jobs.  We are fully committed to building Three Kings Loot into the premier online Magic: the Gathering retailer of Canada.


   With a tight knit friendship going back almost twenty years, Greg and Eric have been players of Magic since Revised.  Both have taken breaks from the game and were casual players until the last few years.  Eric came back to the game and started to play at a competitive level just after the release of Shards of Alara.  Greg had taken an extensive break from the game but was drawn back into it when Eric woke him up one morning and dragged him to a Worldwake prerelease.  From there both of us pushed ourselves to play better at the FNM and then PTQ levels.

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