Card Conditions

NM-Mint – Cards in Near Mint/Mint condition show very little to no wear on them.  Cards in this condition may have a very small mark on them but are otherwise indistinguishable from other Near Mint/Mint cards in an unsleeved deck.

Light Play – Cards in Light Play condition show some minor wear on them.  Cards in this condition may have some slight border marks, minor corner wear or some tiny surface scratching from play wear.  Cards which have been signed by an artist, developer or pro player, or cards with tournament stamps on them are always graded as Light Play even if they are otherwise NM-Mint.  Foils in this condition can have some minor clouding on the front surface.

Moderate Play – Cards in Moderate Play condition show signs of wear on them but will be tournament legal as long as they are sleeved.  Cards in this condition may have whitening and/or marks on the borders or corners, shuffle or binder creases, or some surface marks or whitening.

Heavy Play – Cards in Heavy Play condition show definite signs of wear on them and might not be tournament legal even when sleeved.  Cards in this condition may have creasing, major corner and/or border wear, writing on them, tearing or water damage.  Cards that do not qualify as Moderate Play will be considered Heavy Play.

Damaged – Cards in Damaged condition are clearly damaged.  There may be tears or pieces missing, water damage, heavy writing on the card or otherwise very heavy wear.  If you need more specific information about a damaged card before purchase do not hesitate to ask us about it.

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